Love The One You're With

Letter forms based on hand-rendered mark making.

Typeface Design 
A typeface born to be conceptual in nature. While existing amongst a general set of rules, each letter contains a characteristic that is unique to itself, not shared with any other.
"Love The One Your With" is an an exploration in mark making - with a calligraphic foundation it combines decorative elements in both practical and non-practical application based upon a set of rules depending on the geometry and construction of individual letters. Secondary to this, the letterforms also explore the juxtaposition between extreme thick and thin strokes within the construct of each particular letter as well as in relation to neighboring units. 
The result is a typeface whose ornamentation isn’t necessarily obvious, alludes to mythological symbolism and alchemy, and maintains unexpected organic elements with some intrigue and surprise - encouraging the viewer to take time to observe each letter on its own as it is expressly unique from each of the others in addition to seeing the written text as a whole.
Created with calligraphy pens & india ink on a Didot foundation.
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