Fine Art - Sculpture

Installation series for exhibition "MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE" @ Scope Miami Beach 2013, Presented by QF Gallery & curated by Lori Zimmer "HEARTSONG FOR DARK-TIME" (large piece) and "FEARLESS//POWERFUL" (small piece) call to spiritual and magical realms. The work explores access and communication to entities in other realms within contemporary Western society, playing with the marriage of elements from traditional spiritual practices and contemporary. The work particularly addresses the pursuit of true love, not necessarily romantic, but greater love and sense of purpose for all in their time here. Glass bottles, enamel, horsehair, ostrich feathers, rusty bell, quartz crystal, rose quartz, myrrh, frankincense, dried rosemary, malachite pieces, LEDs, wiring, 9Vbattery, leather, hand-dyed jute burlap, earth, sealing wax, soil, live rosemary. All pieces created in sacred space, all components cleansed & blessed during first quarter moon. "MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE" @ Scope Miami Beach 2013

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