Concept + Art Direction

Advertisement for print in nationally distributed magazines - shown here in a psychology magazine but designed for a broad range of personal interest publications, including fashion. The American Horticultural Therapy Association works with various communities using horticulture as a therapeutic and healing modality. While the not for profit organization works largely with groups of disabled people, the intent of the advertising campaign was to gain awareness for the organization itself. The objective was addressed using a simple message encouraging the audience, regardless of age, race, sex etc, to use plants within the home as a means of personal therapy - implying perhaps that the presence and regular maintenance of houseplants is equally beneficial to ones state of being as a healthy diet or an exercise regime. The concept was implemented with the composition of familiar classical living room pieces set in a lush jungle setting. The image instantly conjures memories of fresh forest air and a sense of calm. The copy is kept simple and relates to a broad audience on a personal level as it directly addresses components that are common in any household. It is present so as to support the original impact of the image though can be 'skipped' in the instance of delivering the message to commuters and passers-by - in which case the message along with the logo of the organization can be caught and absorbed easily and quickly.

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